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Maxxxwell Maxxx lead vocals & third lead guitar, Slade Ladem – lead drums, JT St. Stixxx – lead bass, TJ Ripper – lead keys & second lead vocals, Mickey Maxxx – lead guitar, Phoenixxx – second lead guitar… R.I.P. Whiskey Skins; forever in our hearts.

Maxxx (pronounced: max) is a heavy metal/hard rock outfit out of New York City.  Today Maxxx is operating out of Sacramento, California after almost 30 years as a band

== History ==

Maxxx was formed in the mid 1980’s in the midst of New York City’s Rock and Roll underground at clubs like Lickner Split, [[CBGB’s]] and The Spread.  Maxxx grew out of the early projects of Ahmed Casbhadi and Edward Brutin III, who later legally changed their names to AC DeVyne and Maxxxwell Maxxx, childhood friends from Queens and Manhattan respectively.  These projects included: Night Love, Denim and Leather, and Bad Boys on the Loose to name just a few.  These bands played some shows, but experienced limited success and made no impact.

After years of discontent with sub-par musicians who were just in it for the music Maxxxwell and AC decided they needed to find a much nastier, heavier drinking crowd to run with.  They contacted JT St. Sticks (later to legally be renamed St. Stixxx), former drummer of unblack metal band The Lord’s Duel.  He immediately showed interest and the trio began to write what would later become “The Red Leather Heather EP.”  During the tracking sessions Derrick Dirks, the producer who is credited with discovering Maxxx, played some unfinished demos of a guitar soloist going by the name New York Mickey.  The next morning AC DeVyne, Maxxxwell Maxxx, and Derrick Dirks went to the flat Mickey was living in and played a demo of “Let’s Go Drinking” for him.  He was immediately impressed, but said he wasn’t interested in joining the band.  When asked why he replied “songs are just a method for delivering my solos, nothing more… I’m not interested in wasting my time waiting for my solo.”  After a few drinks and a little convincing, Mickey agreed to come down to the studio and lay down some tracks for the album, but promised nothing more.

With Red Leather Heather finished, Dirks helped the band quickly land a deal with California label Me ‘N My Sawed Off Shotgun Records.  The label supported the project and even provided the funding needed for the band to hire Mickey as a full time member.  This payoff earned Mickey the new moniker “guitar for hire.”  With the lineup together Maxxxx set out on their first US tour supporting, New Jersey band Pure Pleather Pleasure.

The first Maxxx tour proved very eventful and saw the kind of parties, excess, and downfalls most bands won’t experience in their lifetimes.  One week into the tour JT St. Stixxx was extradited to Taiwan for sex slavery charges.  Pure Pleather Pleasure’s amazing drummer Whiskey Skins filled in that night and for the rest of the tour.

During the tour Maxxxwell and Mickey came across evidence that they had the same dead-beat father… but different mothers.  The long lost brothers didn’t see eye to eye on everything, but their common love for  booze, music, and women was enough for them to both legally rename themselves the Maxxx brothers.

After 3 months on the road the tour brought Maxxx and Pure Pleather Pleasure back to the East Coast and New Jersey.  The east coast crowd was primed and ready.  One unruly fan jumped on stage with a broken beer bottle and lunged toward Maxxxwell.  A brooding bouncer by the name of TJ “the animal” Ripper quickly grabbed the attacker and is credited with saving Maxxxwell’s life.  After the show Maxxx, Pure Pleather Pleasure and TJ Ripper headed back to Derrick Dirks’ place for an all-nighter that ended up lasting 12 days.

Not much is known about what happened at this party, but Maxxx has suggested that the events were key to their success.  In the end Maxxx had a new keyboardist in TJ Ripper, who just happened to be Tampa’s premier virtuoso pianist. TJ broke his arm and hand at the party and while it is unknown how exactly it happened, he has hinted that the accident occurred while he was machining a battle axe. Maxxx also emerged from the party with enough new material to record the “Maxxx Rated” EP.  

The band immediately headed into La Supra Phono Studios in Knoxville, Tennessee and ripped through four new tracks that make up “Maxxx Rated.”  TJ didn’t appear on the record because of the broken arm and hand, but was present for the tracking and was vital in defusing the many arguments between Whiskey Skins and AC DeVyne.  Dirks finished the mixing and mastering and Me ‘N My Sawed Off Shotgun Records had the album released in December 1987.  Immediately after “Maxxx Rated” was finished the trouble between Whiskey Skins and the rest of the band reached a boiling point.  Whiskey left the band citing that he was never fully accepted.  

The Maxxx Rated tour was the first time the NYC boys enjoyed the headlining spot.  Various studio drummers filled in on drums for this tour, but none with any regularity.  It all kicked off in December of 1987 and it was during this time that Maxxx first played Japan, the UK, and notably the Syrian Desert, homeland of AC DeVyne.  The international fans ate Maxxx up.  The tour was so wildly successful that the band started the tour in 300 capacity bars and 7 months later Maxxx closed to a sold out crowd at [[The Knitting Factory]]!  

After the Maxxx Rated tour the boys took a few months to themselves and in late 1988, the boys back into the studio to start tracking their first full length album. The final drummer from the Maxxx Rated tour, Ukrainian studio drummer Noclav Ladem (Kissy Face, Merry-Go-Down, темный сад), filled in as drummer when the recording began, but midway through recording, JT St. Stixxx returned and reclaimed his throne.  Bad Boys on the Loose was released in early Summer 1989 and included the future classics, Ms. New York City, Rock ‘N Roll Railroad, and the title track. Both St. Stixxx and Ladem are featured on the album cover.

In 1991 Maxxx released Maxxxed Out!

The return of St. Stixxx was never explained to the public, but in early 1992 in an attempt to respond to the long standing rumors about St. Stixxx separation from the band, Maxxx released “Mysterious Secrets,” an East-Asian themed concept album on which Maxxx explored “the many mysterious secrets of these uncharted lands.” The back cover featured the band wearing leather [[karate gi]]’s with studded black karate belts.

In 1992 Maxxx released Mysterious Secrets.  Around the same time as “Mysterious Secrets” St. Stixxx and keyboardist TJ Ripper recorded the limited release experimental side project, “JTTJ: Rhythmic Rock ‘N Roll Palindromes”.  The album was never released as Maxxxwell blew a gasket and threatened to walk if the record was released.

In 1993 Maxxx released Snake Charmer.

In 1994 Maxxx released Use ‘em ‘n Lose ‘em.

In 1996 Maxxx released two albums simultaneously, Rock Hard Rock and Hard Rock Hard.  The band withdrew from the tour to support these releases as Maxxxwell went into seclusion immediately following the album’s release.  Mickey said in an interview in 1997 that Maxxxwell had become paranoid and certain that the earth was coming to an end.  

Maxxxwell stayed in touch only with TJ Ripper and AC; he asked the two to a secret meeting to discuss his vision for his, “apocalypse project.” In late 1998 he, TJ, and AC, went to Maxxxwell’s underground survival bunker in Ohio.  They wrote what would become “Maxxx2k.”  The three then pulled the rest of the band together to record Maxxxwell’s concept. In February 1999 Me ‘N My Sawed Off Shotgun Records announced Maxxx2k and set the release date for Summer 1999.  The tracking for Maxxx2k took place at Me ‘N My Sawed Off Shotgun’s newly built studio, Falcolia Studio, in Sacramento,CA.  Derrick Dirks worked side by side with co-producers Metal Falcon on the project.  The album was a keyboard-heavy celebration of Earth and mankind before the impending doom that the [[Year 2000 problem]] (Y2K bug) was bound to bring.  The album references the Prophecies of [[Nostradamus]] and biblical conspiracy theory about the evil of machines, as well as the crowd favorite, “Oops! There Go Your Panties.”

In 2001, former Maxxx drummer, Whiskey Skins died in an experimental plane crash.  The band recorded and release, “Where the Whiskey Still Flows in his memory.”  The song was included in 2003’s After School Special.

In 2001 Maxxx released One Band, One City.

They say their greatest pleasure each night is taking the stage and seeing the eager faces of each and every fan.

In 2003 Nocalv Ladem died of a drug overdose.  It is rumored he was found by his girlfriend, Candi Staxxx, with his head in a five gallon bucket of cocaine.  Photos have surfaced, but the band’s publicist stated that they are, “clearly fakes.”  It was around this time that Maxxxwell asked Noclav’s 17 year old son, Slade, to join the band.  Slade played drums on the album recorded later that year, After School Special.  The album was named after the high school girls Slade would bring around the studio.

In 2004 Maxxx released Eatin’ Her Way to the Good Stuff

In 2006 Maxxx released Sack Lunch

In 2007 Maxxx released the 20th anniversary edition of Maxxx Rated.

In 2008 the boys hung it up, the band spent 4 years arguing about song selection for The greatest hits album, Too Much Pleasure, which was ultimately released in June 2012.  The band reunited upon the album’s release.

In 2014 the band released their first studio album in 8 years, More than Enough.

In the Summer of 2013 AC DeVyne decided he’d had enough of band and xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  Phoenix Crarde was introduced as his replacement in September 2013.


== Discography ==


Red Leather Heather (1987)

*Red Leather Heather

*Let’s Go Drinking

*Main Street Dixie


Maxxx Rated (1987)

*Rockin’ All Night

*Spread Eagle

*Good Boys don’t Play Rock ‘N Roll

*The Battle of Man Movement I

*The Battle of Man Movement II

*The Battle of Man Movement III

*The Battle of Man Movement IV


Bad Boys on the Loose (1989)

*Tit for Tat

*Ms. New York City

*Bad Boys on the Loose

*All the Way Up

*Stop, Strip, and Roll

*Rock ‘N Roll Railroad

*I Thought U Would Like to Know, I Want U

*Love Wallet

*Gutter Glitter (cocaine)


Maxxxed Out! (1991)

*Hard for Now

*Four Fingers to Love

*High Voltage Electricity

*Size Queen

*Cocaine Cowgirls

*I Called… and She Came

*Packing Heat

*3am Beauty Queen


Mysterious Secrets (1991)

*The Secret of the Orient (prelude)

*Yellow Princess

*The Terror of Taiwan

*Flesh Cannon (Boom)

*The Secret of the Orient

*Highway 69

*Never Wanna Slow Down

*Pound Town


Live Maxxxturbation and Other Sexxx Acts (1992)

*Rockin’ All Night

*Miss New York City

*Sargeant Guitar  

*Red Leather Heather

*Rockin’ Roll Railroad

*Highway 69

*The Battle of Man (I -IV)

*Oops There Go Your Panties

*Spread Eagle


Snake Charmer (1993)

*Xmas in NYC

*When the Hammer Strikes the Forge

*Love Rash
*Panocha Bonita
*Phallic Rhythm (almost all percussion song)
*Snake Charmer

*Boom Bottom(s)


Use ‘Em and Lose ‘Em (1994)

*Black and Blue (Leather and Denim)

*Love Wagon

*Use ‘Em and Lose ‘Em

*The Battle of Man II

*Old Trusty

*My Wendy

*Mile High

*Shake it Loose

*Working Man’s Rock

*(in to) The Lions Dens


1995 Here Kitty Kitty EP

*Here Kitty Kitty

*Don’t Tread on Me

*My Old Lady

*Her Whispering Eye


1996 Rock Hard Rock


*Here Kitty Kitty

*Heavy Levels of Heavy Metal

*Get Up and Dance (High Stepper)

*The Isle of Man (Battle of Man III)

*Slap on the Wrist

*She Turns Me on When She Turns Me Down

*Rattlesnake boots

*Night Love


1996 Hard Rock Hard

*Top Heavy

*We’re All Just Made of Meat

*My Blade (Ode to my Knives)

*You’ll Never See It Cumming

*The Hottest Ticket in Town

*Sonic Blast

*War Birds

*French Me

*She Put Me on Ice

*The First Time’s Free

*Get it, got it, good


Maxxx2k (1999)

*The End of Time (Time Is Not On Our Side)

*The Intergalactic Enemy

*It was a Good Run

*Goodbye Woman

*One Last Night

*Digital Doom (We Repent)

*Oops! There Go Your Panties

*Our Day of Rockining (Countdown to Y2K)

*The Heist


9/11 – One Band. One City (2001)

*One Band, One City

*Oh, Sweet America


Eatin’ Her Way to the Good Stuff (2004)

*Sweet Surprise

*The Aviator (Capt. Steve)

*Did You Miss This?

*Freudian Slit

*Take Cover

*Suck My Rock (‘n Roll)

Topsy Pervy

*99 Reasons to Rock

*Don’t Tread on Me
*Carpet Bagger

*LA Daze


Sack Lunch (2006)

*Speed Boat (Take a Ride on my Hurricane)

*I’m Never going back…

*Stick ’em Up

*The Wizards of Rock

*Satisfaction Guaranteed

*Can You Feel My Heat?

*Call of the wild

*Broad Caster

*Tail of Two Cities

*He’s Sleeping with the Sexretary


Maxxx Rated 20th Anniversary Edition (2007)

*Rockin’ All Night

*Spread Eagle

*Good Boys don’t Play Rock ‘N Roll

*The Battle of Man Movements I – IV

*Rockin’ All Night (1987 demo)

*Spread Eagle (1987 demo)

*Good Boys don’t Play Rock ‘N Roll (1987 demo)

*The Battle of Man (1987 demo)

*Interview with Derrick Dirks


25th Anniversary GREATEST HITS CD (2012)


More Than Enough (2014)


Some kind of woman

Bangers n Mash

Big in Berlin

blood on my knife (shit on my dick)

Nevada Nights

Rockin All Day (Still not Enough)

Slick Mickey and the Worm

Foot Soldier (foot fetish song)

Flannel Shirts are for Pussies

Get Your Roxxx Off

Rub it Out

80’s rap rock song ala Aerosmith/RunDmc

Holiday Hell Feast

can you mow the grass

chimney assault

Stripper Food

Sailing In a Sea of Sleaze

Riding rough

Left Hand Stranger (masturbatory)

Very Aroused

The Oil in Kuwait (Recorded during Desert Storm)

Mangy Cats (Mangy Pussy)

Punch in the Lunch

Country Music is for Fags

Lumberhawk Boogie

Commotion on the Ocean

There’s no Lovin’ like Mine

Battle of Man IV (In Space)

The 12 Days of Maxxxmas

El Capitan de Malo

Gutteral Thrust


A Very Sexy Predicament

5 Minutes of Romance

Manana Manana (Like a Banana but a Man-ana and the spanish word for tomorrow)


== Personnel ==

=== Current members ===

Maxxxwell Maxxx – [[Vocals]], [[Rhythm Guitar]] <br />

AC DeVyne – [[Second Lead guitar]] <br />

Mickey Maxxx – [[Lead guitar]] <br />

TJ Ripper – [[Keyboard]], vocals <br />

Slade Ladem – [[Drums]] <br/>

JT St. Stixxx – [[Bass]] <br />


=== Former Members ===

Whiskey Skins -[[Drums]] <br />

Noclav Ladem – [[Drums]] <br />


Source: MaxxxRated.com and interviews through email directly to band contacts.


== Links ==

[http://www.MaxxxRated.com Official Maxxx Website]



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